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sunday. i'm craig melvin. the redskins win. he's the thing about sports. a someone a win no matter how you do it. nervous redskins fans bit their nails, scratched their heads but in the end they celebrated, nonetheless, sometimes with touch downs or field goals. a w is a w. we're live at fedex field. hey, lindsay. >> reporter: this is why you don't underestimate the kicker. shawn really won the game. connecting on three field goals. the redskins knew with the rams coming in they could show what they do offensively. they got the ball down the field but couldn't get it into the end zone. still as you said, a win is a win and the redskins take it. 9 dab 7 over the rams. gametime action, the redskins take the field in the home opener. lots of people looking for something to saw spark on offense early. the third quarter, the redskins trail and jason campbell drops back and hits antoine reasonle el and he leads to field goal. the skins would go up, 9-7. and then mark bolger drops back, steps up and fires it off the receiver. but chris horton brings in. the redskins win and zorn said after ya
downs that hit the redskins. 2 for 10 on third don convigs. the first time they converted was in the 4th quarter. it killed any momentum jason campbell had established. t another day of offensive struggles for the redskins. >> we move the ball well, last game we didn't finish in the red zone and today come up short on a couple of third downs. it seemed like every game is something. but we just got to push through. >> so now you know how the offense did today what about the defense. the lions 154 yards on the ground their highest total of the year. also matthew stafford and company 227 yards through the air another season high. the previous in week 1, 198 yards. remember defense wins championships. albert haynesworth he has not been spelling with the media. his playing will do all the talking. he sacked matthew stafford but it came at a price as he suffered a right hip flexor injury. that was not the end of the day for haynesworth he would return in the 3rd quarter. he had two tackles and one sack all in a day's work for the 100 million-dollar man. another bright spot on the defense was
in the motor city today. his redskins, our redskins went to detroit and lost to what had been the losingest team in all of football. i'm craig melvin. the hot seat jim zorn was on got hotter this afternoon. redskins nation watched in disbelief as campbell and company could not generate enough offense to beat the lowly lions. league's laughing stock. no way to overstate just how bad this is for the redskins. >> it's sheer disbelief for redskins nation because i think that everybody knew that we needed to beat this team or they said, we fwheed a win. there's this big problem. the nightmare is over for detroit. the nightmare just beginning for the redskins. the lowly lions that lost 19 straight games experienced a dream come true today. winning their first game since 2007. we're in detroit. this is where ma that you stafford had a huge late game. staff ford, a perfect pass to bryant johnson for a 21-yard touchdown. stafford led the lines on a 12-play, 99 yard drive. detroit, 13-0 at the half. santanna moss gets it back to antwaan randle el and that's it. the lyons beat the redskins, 19-14, the
have the redskins to thank for it. >>> an arrest any high profile celebrity case if a crime committed decades ago. and new nations are battling over what happens next to roman polanski. >>> a father of four is killed in front of his family. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is 6:00 on this monday morning. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >>> this game is over! the detroit lions for the first time since december of 2007 -- >> a rough start to the week for redskins fans but the lions have reason to celebrate this morning. their 19-14 win breaking a nearly two-year-long losing streak. more on this coming up in our monday morning quarterback. dave ross will be here to talk about the game and talk about his big celebrity encounter as he was tanging out with a star with close ties to the team. >> i think the hard thing is you n't want to lose to a lousy team but you don't want to be that team that ends the loading streak that is the second longest in nfl history and now the redskins are that team. >> i think you have to sti
>>> good evening, everybody. i'm anita brickman. derek has the night off >>> tonight, redskins fans are fuming after recent allegations about the burgundy and gold's front offices. the washington post claims the team sold tickets to brokers before fans and, now, there is also word that dozens of season ticket holders are being sued. digital correspondent brittany morehouse spoke to one family dealing with the lawsuit. >> reporter: this store which began in 2004 when they purchased clubhouse. he fell on hardship in 2008 and asked for the relief the redskins initially promised him. instead, he was sued. i spoke with his son about the entire ordeal that's now making headlines. >> reporter: dante webb wears a cowboy jersey and raises his daughter to route for dallas. that's a passion born from a black sheep identity. >> it started when my mom, dad, redskins fans and i went against the grain. as he grew older, it turned into a true appreciation. >> they seemed to take care of their finance, seemed to do little things. >> reporter: which is a whole lot more than he will say about the reds
campbell back to pass. say hi to a healthy umenyiora. sadly for redskins fans he was healthy today. he scampers 37 yards for the touchdown to put the giants up 17-0. they win 23-17. jim zorn wants an explanation. dave ross has one from jersey. >> another year, another loss and another case of history repeating in the meadowlands. last year the redskins fell behind 16-0. this year 17-0. in both cases, the deficit was too big to dig out of. >> it's very tough, especially playing against a team like the giants. you know, 17-0 in the hole it's tough to come back. 16-0 in the hole it's tough to come back. but we found a way to get back into the game so we've got to some way, somehow keep those leads early in the game at a minimum. >> i like more victories, you know what i'm saying. i take it for what it is. we got beat. we wasn't the better team. we have to show ourselves something on film what we can be. >> the good thing like the giants, you don't want to give them anything. we knew it would be tough coming in playing the opening game of the season. when you dig a hole and spot them 17 po
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' game winning touchdown. the redskins fall to the lions 19-14 ending the lions' 19-game losing street. >> i think our guys played hard, no question our guys really have a lot of heart, and i just -- i know we're given everything we got out there. it will be things that we look at will be small issues that we cannot overlook. and we won't. >> reporter: it's back to the grind tomorrow for the redskins we will break this game down even more and hear from the players in geico sports extra in a few minutes. >> what a big disappointment for redskins fans. what should have been a big day turned into a gas disastrous one. die hard fans are beginning to doubt the team. thabooing is going to come back with it. >> i'm not surprised. it seems like the team hasn't been really to do anything productive on offense all season, and i'm wondering about the play calling especially on the final play of the game didn't even go for the end zone. >> it's notgreat to boo the team i don't like it but it's almost like the fans sending a message we can't keep doing the same thing year after year. >> tod
redskins have sued some of their fans. they were long-time season ticket holders. armando trull spoke with one family dealing with such a lawsuit. >> the redskins sued my father. what? a fan. >> reporter: in fact his dad is among the 125 redskins fans who have been sued by the franchise for trying to call a time-out on multiyear contracts for season tickets. >> i don't understand that one. >> reporter: the redskins say it is a last resort and as the team tries to work out payment arrangements with them. >> you are not playing with hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred dollars this is tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: his dad paid $18,000 for seats he'll never enjoy and the skins can resell those seats to someone else. >> the fans being sued by dan snyder's billion dollar franchise aren't just big shots or businesses falling on hard times. regular folks and even a 72- year-old grandmother has been sacked by the redskins. >>> the "washington post" story unleashed a fury of criticism on sports, radio and television talk shows and the team has responded with an acknow
. and pressure on the redskins, signing another running back. >>> streetcars are coming to d.c., and a lot of people like the idea that they're frustrated by the process. >> natasha barrett has the story. >> tracks are being laid down in the middle of benning road in northeast. >> i do not like it. >> in anacostia, more work is underway. but the actual street cars like this one will not be running for years. >> i think it will take three years for the cars to get here. >> the project was envisioned to improve transit service in the city. people were told that they would have the streetcars working by the end of the year and they're frustrated. it has >> been a real inconvenience. >> and the location of the project has not been finalized. ddot officials bought three trolleys almost three years ago, but they are still sitting in warehouse in the czech republic were they were built. ddot says utility issues and how they will be powered slow down the project. >> there is already a problem with metro and the buses. that would just cause more problems, especially in rush hour. >> ddot says the a
the redskins today. >> no. >> the season opener against the giants ended with the team's first loss and even though it was just the first a lot of people are saying it looks sadly familiar. lindsay czarniak joins us live from the park. lindsay. >> reporter: hey, there, wendy, we're outside because this is a great place to be inside of redskins park. inside i think there is a love film watching going on and i don't think it's all that pretty. the redskins obviously had a lot of plays that they were involved in yesterday. the bottom line is the redskins' defense could not get the giants off of the field on third down, and therefore the offense found it very, very difficult to establish a rhythm, all part of what told a 23-17 loss for the redskins. we're back on the field, jason campbell had a few plays right back. this play is one of them. four minutes left in the second quarter he drops back to look downfield. he is sacked by the giants' osi uneniora. umenyiora and the giants would beat the redskins. but jim zorn said there is no chance you could blame this loss all on just jason campbell. >>
-- redskins after yesterday's horrible embarrassing loss? stay with us. virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. >>> how to protect your four legged family member only on 9news now tonight at 11. >>> and a new survey finds they leave the nation when it comes to the number of accidents involving the collisions with deer. and state farm insurance says that the average cost of those collisions are about $2,950. they also offer tips for how to avoid them. remember, deer is most active between 6 to 9 p.m. you might want to use your high beams as much as you can to illuminate the areas. keep in mind, they generally travel in herds. if you see one,
to hockey, we have to talk football. redskins fans are in stunned disbelief after watching the burgundy and gold do something that no ffl team has done in two years and that is lose to the detroit lions. >> nobody wanted to be the ones to do it. the lions had lost 19 straight games heading into sunday. none of that mattered yesterday. lions came out fired up at home. they scored late in the first quarter. the redskins did have a chance to jump on top. they could not punch it in on the fourth and goal. the lions win 19-1. >> the redskins fans are fuming and a lot of them are frustrated. >> stacy cohan with the early morning fan reaction early this morning. >> reporter: good morning. of all the stories i would have loved to have thed this morning, this was the last on my list. i watched every moment of that game. i'm at ben's chili bowl this morning. they are getting ready for the breakfast crowd. the chili is steaming t and redskins fans are steaming mad this morning. look at them laughing. is it funny, guys? it's not funny. it was ridiculous. i'm going to give this man some voice here.
" column. redskins improved to 1-1 on the season. yesterday barely beating st. louis rams. 9-7 at fedexfield. >> lindsay's down at redskins foork break it down for us on the monday after. lindsay, it's hard to remember a time where we felt so depressed after a win. >> doreen, i think that's a fantastic point. you're right. i meantime redskins, they will tell you a win's a win. happy with the 9-7 victory but suffered a huge loss that is very, very difficult to replace. the redskins today announced that starting right guard randy thomas will go on injured reserve because of an injury that he suffered during the game. it was to his right triceps. and this is devastating for them because he was such a key member of the offensive line. let me take you back to yesterday to the field and show you how it happened. this is a huge blow. randy thomas injured in the second quarter. came out of the game. was replaced then by will montgomery. thomas had really worked himself back because he had missed all but three games in 2007 because of a left tricep's answer. he really wanted to be bac
the washington redskins are backing off the $66,000 judgment they won over her. 72-year-old pat hill had that's tickets for more than 45 years but when the recession hammered her business she couldn't make the yearly payments. she talked to our gary neurenberg tonight. >> reporter: bruce, only redskins fanatic pat hill to allow us to start a story about football by quoting elizabeth browning. how do i love thee, let count the ways. >> one, two, three. >> i got redskins jacket. i hathat made. four, five, six, seven. i've got redskins everywhere. you don't know how many redskins i got. >> reporter: she has been going to games since 1961. signed a contract to buy season tickets for 10 years. >> i thought i would go for the rest of my life. and when i signed the last one i had absolutely no inkling that i wouldn't have money. i did it all in good faith. >> reporter: she is in real estate. hammered by the recession. >> i can't get loans for the people who want to buy houses. so i don't have any money. so i couldn't pay. >> reporter: after getting a foreclosure notice on the alexandria home where
. >> a fumble for the washington redskins. Ñ)rj5q)e aht if sin strategy in the health care policy? captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good thursday morning. i am doug mckelway. >> and diane greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we begin with brian van de graaff. cool again and out there. >> temperatures are a couple of degrees warmer because we have some extra cloud cover. 62 downtown. 55 in leesburg. not too many 40's outside. there is a storm off the coast. all lots of cloud cover backing into the area. -- a lot of cloud cover backing into the area. a mix of cloud and son today. near 80 degrees. a gorgeous afternoon. >> >> traffic is gorgeous in the morning. across the wilson bridge, much better. they did some overnight roadwork near river road. you can see the lanes are moving in all directions. headlights are going over that substantial bump. Ñithis is off the american legin bridge. nothing is changing. it is good off 95. red is heading south. for those who w
>>> saturday night we'll be talking redskins football. the good, the bad, and the ugly. it's "redskins showtime." >>> we're talking baseball tonight. this was a good game, huh? >> it was a great game. looked like the nats were going to cruise to a victory. i was prepared to talk about everything besides the game tonight. positives to take out, stephen strosberg was signed. that's a good sign. the new accusation played better than expected and ryan zimmerman getting a long time contract. zimmerman with the 30th home run. they just barely beat the mets. let's go to citifield. naxales getting on the board quickly. zimmerman getting ahold of what barely clears the wall. counts for a home run. hits the 30th for the year, a career high. ian make as great play. look at the throw. too tall for even adam dunn. a run scored. the nationals cling to a one-run lead. jeff francoeur up the middle. loses the ball. tries to get to first. he does with the lollipop throw. take a look. he's lucky he was able to stop the ball. the nationals hold on to a 6-5 win. the mets lost six in a row. the goal for the redskins
employees are laid off. >>> coming up, redskins fans are fired up, not about the game. tickets and it up in the hands of brokers. >> a massive wildfire in california, and firefighters have one thing on their side. >> he spent more than 30 years wienth abc news. charlie gibson says he plans to retire. next, who will take his place? >> we are watching tropical storm erika and the weather forecast for the weekend. $5 for the sub, huh? what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc. this is fabulous! new kentucky grilled chicken! marinated and grilled to perfection... for that five-star, fall-off-the-bone taste. mix original and grilled in your bucket! taste the unfried side of kfc. >>> the washington redskins are embroiled in a ticket controversy. thousands of general commsion tickets were sold by redskins employees to brokers, not to the people who have been on the waiting list for years. the brokers resold the tickets
side with w se fans are no longer hailing the redskins. a double murder, then a high- speed chase caught only by abc 7. and it too many deer, a plan to thin the herd. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> we begin tonight with the second ticket controversy. within a matter of hours, abc 7 news has learned the team has filed a number of lawsuits over the years against ticket holders who have defaulted on multi-year to get contracts. 7 on your side has john gonzalez live outside of the fedex field. >> the redskins say in the past five years, they have sued more than 100 fans for refusing to pay for their season tkets. it tonight, we spoke with one fan who said it was not that he was refusing to pay, he just asked the redskins for more time. he said at first he got it, then the team. around and sued him for both of his tickets, worth more than $5,000. >> it does not show much class. >> this season ticket holder was sued by the team he is cheered for decades. >> to sue somebody who does not have the money to start with, you put them in more of a financi
.c. is in a state of disbelief tonight over the redskins loss to the losingest team in the nfl. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. >>> today's loss in detroit didn't just shock hard-core football followers or redskins nation. casual football fans are scratching their heads tonight, too. is it the quarterback? is it the ownership? is it jim zorn? does the head coach become an unemployment statistic this week? all of these questions will be asked this week. we'll start with the last question. does jim zorn lose his job? >> not right now. according to a team source, they said the organization is not expected to make any moves according to a team source. they are not making any moves with jim zorn yet. the fans aren't the only ones questioning the redskins. the hall of fame running back mcrig gins is bringing in the heat. he twittered the following -- there are team issues for sure and individual issuers for sure but the ultimate owner is a loser and you can't fix that. the redskins are 1-2 after losing to a team that had been 0-19. lions quarterback matthew stafford throws like a old timer. carlos ro
an invitation. i know where they live. that's a nice place. >> good party. >> i'm available. >>> redskins taking heat over a ticket scandal. >>> remember the redskins steelers game last november? there were nearly as many terrible to well waving fans as redskins fans in attendance. the stealer fans were so large and loud that jason campbell had trouble making calls on the field. there is an explanation as "the washington post" reports the redskins have been sending -- selling general admission tickets freezing out redskins fans on the waiting list. redskins released a statement saying, quote, the post focus on a tiny minority of suite and club seat holders that defaulted on their contract and the team has been forced to take legal action. it's unfair to the redskins. on the field news, when training camp opened in late julya big deal was made about the offensive line. injuries plagued the line last season and this year but none showed in the preseason game. the first unit has yet to allow a sack on campbell. any time you can limit the hits on your quarterback, it's a bonus. >> the quarterback wa
an eagle and set to play against the redskins next month. >>> coming up, how one group plans to make every more to cure about. how about the forecast? >>> we have minutey to cheer on. mother nature is being a team player. the details coming up on what you can expect after the break. (ancer even in the most unceain times, there are some things we know for sure. there will still be weddings, still be babs, and still be bright futures. that's why new york life has been helping families plan for the expected and unexpected for 164 years. backed by the highest ratings for financial strength. we're safe an es so you can . giver familygi gift ofmi a sere financial future. new york life. the company you keep. it's my "save-so-much-on- his-graphing-calculator... look. i made it say "booger." ...i-can-get-him-a- math-tutor" button. it's my "save-so-much- on-school-supplies- he-can-stop-using-his-sister's old-backpack" button. it's my "save-so much-i-can-get- a-binder-for-every-day- of-the-week" button. there's no school on satuay and sunday, genius. don't ruin this for me. (announcer) staples equ
, the lions are celebrating their first win since december of 2007, courtesy of your washington redskins. after giving up 13 points in the first half the redskins looked ready to play catchup at the third quarter. campbell throws a 57-yard touchdown pass to moss but detroit answers with a running td. the skins went in to desperation mode. campbell threw another touchdown this one to cartwright but a last minute attempt ends in failure. the skins fall to the lions 19- 14. >> no words to say yet. we talked about going in to this week we did not treat this team lightly. >> we have to bounce back. you know, tip my hat to them, they beat us. >> reporter: we will hear from the redskins offensive starters coming up in sports. >>> a movie industry figure who's been a fugitive more than 30 years is under arrest this morning. that story is coming up. >>> plus, an historic building is no more but it will be part of reality tv history. >>> researchers discover moderate exercise may prevent a common form of cancer. you are watching 9 news now. >>> welcome back. ten minutes after the 5:00 hour. 270 dr
. angie, over to you. >>> most redskins fans are gearing up for the preseason finale but others are mad after getting sued by their favorite team. armando trull is live in the information center with the story. >> good morning. the redskins regular season hasn't even begun yet and already many fans are fuming over allegations that the burgundy and gold's front office was scalping hundreds of prime tickets to brokers as fans who wanted the seats were sidelined. now some fans could be changing their tune from hail to the redskins to jailed by the redskins. >> redskins sued my father. what? , a fan. >> reporter: his dad is among the 125 redskins fans that have been sued by the franchise for trying to call a time-out on multiyear contracts for season tickets the redskins say it is a last resort and as the team tries to work out payment arrangements with the contract holders that default but some fans say the arrangements involve paying hefty penalties out front. >> you are not playing with 200, 300, $400. this is tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: his dad paid 18thousand dollars fo
sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> redskins fans are pretty much holding their breath at this point. >> just a couple of minutes ago, the redskins know that the only way to silence their critics is to come out on sunday and take it to the detroit lions. the redskins absolutely need to get on track, and especially wide receiver santana moss. he says he is not concerned about how many kids as he gets, but the attention he receives -- cathes he gets. >> expect the worst and hope for the best. i can't really worry about what is going on. i feel like, with me, [unintelligible] >> the lions have the catching quarterback -- johnson is a big, fast, short-handed receiver -- sure-handed reciever. >> he has a positive freak of nature to be so tall, and have him on defenseive back. >> he is one of the few guys on the team that can beat us, so we always have to know where he is. >> the maryland terrapins, they have to get things on track in a hurry after a rocky start to the season. they take on a tough team that is becoming a rival. >> anytime you play a
that a lot of redskins fans were hoping to see. the team fell to the giants yesterday 23-17 at the meadowlands. chris gordon is here with more on this. chris? >> reporter: well, many realistic football fans figure that the redskins would lose to the giants on their home field, but the sober lining is the upcoming schedule, the rams, the lions, the bucs, oh, my. redskins fans are hoping the team will be 3-1 by the first week in october. still, the 'skins have to come alive after a lackluster performance yesterday against the giants. real is the longest running redskins blog on the web. rich has been a fan, going to the game since 1966. he's written four books and was sent a football autographed by dan snyder. realredskins ran a town meeting during the giants/redskins game and the chat room were not pretty. >> fighter coach. bench the quarterback. fire the defensive coordinator. bench -- bench this person. get rid of that person. >> on sports radio 106.7, the fan, you can hear frustration in the voices of callers. >> you can't put all of this on jason campbell.
. nationals beat the mets 6-5. >>> to football. saturday night redskins night here on news4. we start with redskins show time and doc walker and mike wise joining lindsay and me. we are talking skins. that starts at 7:00 and followed by the jim zorn show at 7:30. >>> down a few levels to high school. last night rolled over friendship collegiate. michael merriweather looking good saying get out of my way. 45-12. in sue land kelly takes tonight from 20 yards out. suitland shuts out northwestern 21-0. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >>> if youre heading out to the redskins home opener there are some things you should know whether you are taking the train or driving. metro promises to have more trains running for fans and that includes those traveling from morgan boulevard on the blue line and from the landover metro rail stations. those that choose to drive will have to deal with new game day rules. start thing sunday tailgaters face restrictions on where they can party during the hours leading up to kickoff. nontailgaters will get to park in
to be that team the team that ended the 19 game losing streeng for the lions. the redskins were booed for winning a game. the lions would strike first. matthew stafford to bryant johnson. 7-0 lions after that play. lions up 13-7. stafford airs it out again. chris core ton runs into him. interference is called. lions would score. cart wright for the 4-yard touchdown. 19-14 lions. the skins get the ball back last chance only 8 seconds left but a few pitches later the game is over. the redskins fall 19-14 to the lions they win for the first time since december of 2007. jim zorn what do you have? >> there aren'tmm words to say yet. we talked about going into this week, we did not treat this team lightly. we knew that they were good, and they came out and got ahead. we certainly weren't out of the game even though we had a poor first half. >> reporter: with the loss the redskins fall to 1-2. they are home again hosting yet another winless team the buccaneers. we'll much more on this game on geico sports extra at 11:10. >>> the redskins already on the hot seat with fans. now a game most of us thoug
. >>> the redskin controversy continues as fans w find themselves being sued by the team. >> it is horrible. he very boring. >> that is how local drivers described their commute. >> at a big change is coming to some of your favorite memorials. >> all week long, we have been hinting at what the weather may be like at this upcoming holiday weekend. tonight, we have a good idea. how are we going to make this business work and keep the economy going? it's the local pizza guy that needs to pay his supplier for the dough. during these times when you think most people would roll over, small business owners figure out a way to fight, and i just love being part of that ki of a team. we are able to provide customers with ways that they can keep their business running and profitable. and to really help them... help them get through this tough time. committing small business specialists like myself to the community, i think that speaks loudly to what bank of america thinks the heart of the community is - the small business. >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> we
in college football. >> oh, yeah. a bunch of college football and talking redskins as they trim their roser to 53. we have some surprises. maryland taking on california. they are out in berkeley. plus navy travelled to columbus, ohio, for the first time in a long time. could th oful f e? >>> friends a family gathered to remember a d.c. man murdered last week. salim hylton was shot to death. he attended the dukelingt ellin school of art. police have not made any arrests. >>> outrage over a dog tossed over a lo try idbred l to outrage. zoe's family says the dog's murder iset tti riaalon for an argument. she wasiaow t veargument. she was thrown over an bedg b s owners. many believe the punishment doesn't go farenough. a petition is circulating that leers do some jlai savigned signed the petition from brazil, germany and australia. >>> a woman got more than ice cream when she bought a cone at mcdonald's last monday. she had already t eaten s enwh hedit when she discovered blood on the .eco ghh cone. she bought thececo cream at a mcdald'onsn oaron gtt drive g fi t fr ngfis .erast a his fin
>>> tough talk for the redskins. week one looks a lot like the last chunk of last season for the skibs. i'm craig melvin. >>> fans not a few glances at what the team is capable of for the most part, we sat with mouths agame in disbelief ashe redskins' offense sputtered most of the an dfternoon. >> are the redskins as good as we thought? maybe not. time will tell. it looks like a lot more of the same. the reds skins offense didn't score a touchdown until the final two minutes of the game and by then, it was too little, too late and they lose their season opener to the giants, 27-7. redskins down 10-0 in the second quarter. jason come gel getting good protection but fails to step us in the pocket and they make him pay. a fumble and then the old scoop and score. stephon tries to chase him but he runs a 4640 and the redskins setting up for a field dwoel, and hunter smith, the punter, on the fake, an 8-yard touchdown. a gutsy play but in the end the redskins couldn't close the gap, 23-17 was the final. >> i think our guys did what we askethem to do coming out. the positive thi
feldman joins us now for sports extra. >> two straight years the redskins have gone to new york and had to open up against the new york giants. that will get anyone angry, like santana moss was when he had to go against corey webster today. this is just the brouhaha that didn't end well for the redskins because they lost 23- 17. the post-mortem is coming up straight ahead. i do have some good news for you, though. the st. louis rams come to town next week and the rams got drummed by seattle today 28-0. maybe they'll still play poorly next week at fedex field. >> thanks. >>> well that, does it for us. you want news and information 24/7, fox 5 new is always on. >> look for us on air and online. keep it right here. an dozened version of geico sports extra is coming your way in two minutes. take care.  >>> it's nfl sunday. does it get any better than that? welcome to the first holiday of the year. a national holiday in this parts and welcome to geico sports extra, everybody. i'm dave feldman. you know so many question marks as the redskins went to the meadowlands today.
the investigation. >> the redskins get ready for another game tonight. >> two months after his sudden death, michaelatcknso will finally be buried. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i am doug mckelway. >> and i am greta kreuz in for alison. your traffic and weather tother every 10 minutes. >> we do have big probms on the american legion bridge. let's start with brian. >> ..prle clouds that are coming through. omempeturesrelem f b from below 60's in aexaniadr to 40's in parts of west virginia. >> it is rushed to get across the potomac river. outer loop drivers out of maryland using the american legion bridge, a high seas. it is a 15-foot boat that fell off a trailer. this is oy been working for about 20 minutes. outer loop, a boat off of a trailer on the american legion bridge in the left lane. now to top stories. >> thank you. >>> we begin with the latest on that dramatic police chase that ended with a dramatic shoot out. >> abc 7 was there, while police were following a
. the redskins battle back, 13-7. jason campbell finds car right, another touchdown, 19-14. santana moss -- redskins lose 19-14. a lot of soul-searching and finger-pointing and questioning. we will just have to see. it is going to be a very interesting week. we'll be back with more in sports. >>> adam joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> we have a weather system moving through the region right now. we are seeing upper level defects causing a few isolated showers. but edit -- they are quick movers already. 74 right now at reagan national. dropping down into the 50's later on tonight as some cooler air filters in. tomorrow afternoon it will be a little bit more than what we had today, but we have a big cold front pushing our way. more about that coming up. >>> coming up, fighting the flu at the drive-through. we will explain. plus, an academy itward winning director is behind bars. he could face charges in the u.s. for a crime that happened decades ago. a husband and father is murdered inside of his own home with his children in the house. new details on the search for the >>> an
dozens are confirmed dead but officials say the final toll will be far higher. >>> a redskins fan has decided enough is enough. he is tired of all the losing. find out how he is getting pay back. >>> plus this 9news now exclusive. >>> this is bruce johnson. coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> we felt it was an attack against our character. >> why two former redskins players feel they have to go on camera to defend their reputation. i'll have that story. >>> 9news now is sponsored in part by popeye's. parentheses have a place but not on your face. smooth those lines away for up to a year with juvÉderm®. juvÉderm® is a smooth injectable gel your doctor uses to smooth out wrinkles like those lines on the sides of your nose and mouth instantly. side effects... usually mild to moderate included temporary injection site reactions like redness, pain, firmness, swelling or bumps. smooth, natural. everyone will notice but no one will know. ask your doctor about juvÉderm®. you wanted more. u waed videos and phos... ail and brdband. you wanted to ruyour buss from anywhere... and stanmessa#g
. some changes by the afternoon. >>> coming up, the redskins face a major upset in the motor city as the detroit lions snap their 19-game losing streak. hear from the players still ahead. >> what is this man thinking? we will show you more of this extremely dangerous stunt and we will show you more of this extremely dangerous stunt and an academy award winning right now, she's saving money and it's not by giving haircuts at home that she does for fun she's found an easier way to save so easy, it's automatic with suntrust, she sets aside money every month without having to think about it which is good because her boys would really appreciate her full attention right about now more and more people are turning to suntrust to help them live solid and bank solid >>> one of the world's best known movie directors and is under arrest. roman polanski was arrested when he went to switzerland. he could be extradited to the u.s. on charges dating back more than 30 years. he was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. he pled guilty and spend some time in jail. >> i am ashamed
and the redskins fans, they are speaking loudly about their big loss to detroit. >>> and plus, one businessman, the state, the sparks, the city wide protest today. and we're back to just two minutes. >>> maryland's ban on text messaging while driving, takes affect this thursday. they outlaw writing and spending text messages while operating the motor vehicle. to do this, you could face a fine of $500. >>> and the state of virginia, they are reminding people about a tax am he is -- amnesty that takes affect next week. the e issue the delinquent could face that without paying penalties. the state expects them to bring in about $48 million. >>> they reduce the glares, saving energy on tonight's living smart focus. spending up to 60% of your total energy bill. but now, the list says a little temperatures added to your window, bringing down the costs. if you purchase at energy control window films for the end of your home or for your home bit end of the year. you might be eligible for a $1500 tax credit. we've got more information about this on our website on just click on living smart.
. the new details we're learning and why the investigation is far from over. >> hail to the redskins. washington pulls off a win in their home opener, but fans turned out to be not so excited about the am's weekend win. >>> well, good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and welcome back, joe krebs. >> thank you very much. >> seems like were you gone forever. >> just about a week. >> probably not long enough for you. i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, september 21st, 2009. meteorologist tom kierein is standing by to tell us what we can expect from the weather today. look out there, tom. looks pretty nice, doesn't it? >> yes. sunny blue skies we had over the weekend now giving way to gray as we start off this monday morning but no rain around as we look at the radar. no precipitation around the region. we have a cool start to the day. only in the 50s to near 60 degrees around the region. now 61 in washington, mid-50s eastern shore, upper 50s out in the mountains. over the last six hours, quite a bit of cloudiness rolling in, coming in on a southeasterly breeze. we
's all. >> nice driver weather wise. >> we have some clouds out there. the redskins, i wrote about that on my blog this morning. i have a thought for another reason that why in happened. go to and tell me what you think. >> tell me i'm crazy. that's okay, as well. angie tells me that all the time. >>> this morning looking at clouds blowing in basically from a system off have s. lltowit ge we wi get ll the clouds thin a second but the keeping wateing inteatmp urerese th es. warmer. towardhernrmrtno rn d ck the temperatures e or the temperatures in the 60s. 50s and even west 60s. there's the clouds i was talking about and maybe a sprinkle or two in ocean city. otherwise another nice day today. low 70s at noon. highs in the upper 70s to near 80 in spots. code green air quality. it is 5:00 a.m. what's going on with the roads? >> nothing much. 95 northbound ous?of fredericksburg to the split -- or the mixing bowl, sorry. no problems there. going to 395, looking at the 14th street bridge crossing to the district no problems with the beltway to this point. moving over to our gr
? >> yeah, my dog is missing out because i'll be with the redskins in new york so my dog is missing out. >> i'll bring my dog and we'll take your place. >> he needs a life jacket. i -- he can't swim. you know what, he would like to go to the pool and check out the scene. you never know who he would meet. >> is that wrong? i don't think so. >>> we got college football and redskins and giants to talk about. ahead, how would maryland respond to an embarrassing week wind. the terps have the home crowd on their side and snow no ill effects and the redskins putting the final touches on them. we got all those stories next. >>> it is a big test. people say it's just james madison but two teams beat two acc teams. what maryland has going is they won't take anyone lightly after how the season started. considering the maryland football team lost 30 players. little was expected but no one would predict the start of the season. a 52-and blow out but today in college park the program out to prove that will not be the norm this season. of course, james madison not exactly ranked in the top ten a
. the lions now celebrating a victory. it means the redskins return home with another loss at a hands of a team that hasn't won since '07. go to sports director dave feldman. a young season but it's a game that could go down as the worst moment so far. >> absolutely. people knew going in that this year lion's team was a lot better than last year's team. 19 straight losses but only two this year. they weren't going to go 0-16 this year. having said all that, the redskins didn't want to be that team. you know, that team where the streak ends? the lions would strike first. 99 yards on 12 plays, capped off by a beautiful pass from stafford. lions up 13-7, airs it out, looking for johnson. horton runs into him, pass interference. they score again. they march all the way down the field, campbell to cartwright. four yards for the touchdown, skins within five. last chance, eight seconds left, need a touchdown, this play, no touchdown. the redskins fall 19-14 to the lions. the lions win since the first time of december of '07. >> there are not many words to say yet. we talked about going into
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, by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. taking you on a little flight to florida where the redskins are playing in a nondome stadium taking on jacksonville. here is the forecast, partly cloudy, fairly mild for florida temperature, 80 but humid. a mix of clouds and clear skies. mostly cloudy by the end of the game. the dew point is sticky. there will be a lot more humidity. it will feel good to get back to d.c. after tonight. winds out of the northeast at 7:00. it will be a dry forecast. around here tonight, talk about low dew points, they will be in the low to mid-50s and temperatures bottom out. warrenton 52. nice fake for us with temperatures dropping to about 60 in the city with the 50s in the suburbs. gorgeous moon will be rising. it will be full tomorrow at noon but spectacular looking as it comes up low on the horizon. more for the same tomorrow a few afternoon clouds. temperature about 82. we want to let you know that tropical storm erika is a tropical depression. you can see how bad it is. it wobbled to the south today. it hit a lot of wind sheer with more to come. it will pass south of
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has been trying to fix the economy, but how are we going to fix the redskins? that's the question as bruce bruce reports that a lot of people are trying to figure out. >> reporter: it is a miserable monday and it is not coming from the cheese fries. >> reporter: the upset comes from a team that occupies the space of honor right out there to the president's visit. >> that's compared to the redskins. it's much better right now anyhow. they are horrible. one of the worst teams in football that bothers me the most and that i'm a redskins fan. >> plus, they want the gm to do just something. >> that's for the government if they wanted to. and set a team for the government if they wanted to. >> maybe they'll do a better job. just take a look at the examer we stink. and the washington post, they are bailing out detroit. even u.s.a. today says lions and grim streak right above. thankfully they don't mention the halfless redskins. where a bunch of government workers are turning it on for a game of ultimate frisbee. there's a sense that even these guys could do better. >> how about they come
brewery for the annual sum of 45 british pounds. not a bad deal, huh? >>> all right, so will the redskins be celebrating come sunday? that is what everyone is hoping. one think this we do sudden who will be replacing team leader randy omas. it's been a mystery all week. his replacement when we come back. >>> first, the latest celebrity case of swine flu. marilyn manson, the shock rocker announced the news on his facebook page saying, quote, unfortunately, i am going to survive. he joins a growing number of stars sick with h1n1, including dr. guphta and ron from the harry potter movie. virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control ould be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. >> knife, i'm lindsay murp
from school if they feel sick and not return until 24 hours after that. >>> some redskins fans are angry tonight. i just found out the team has been selling extra tickets to brokers -- they just found out that the team has been selling extra tickets to brokers instead of fans. caroline lyders has the details. >> and the fan at knows that redskins tickets are among the most coveted in the nfl. the team says 160,000 people are on the list to get their hands on those tickets. now word tickets did not good offense but to ticket brokers, many of whom sold them for profit. it was last fall at the redskins-steelers game when the fans knew that something was up. it on the redskins home turf, a sea of pittsburgh fans, begging the question, how did they get their hands on so many tickets were not even redskins fans could get them? >> we have been waiting. >> she has been on the waiting list a year. >> they have not said anything. >> this person has been on the waiting list 20 years. >> i do not have my tickets yet. still on the waiting list. >> when the fans discovered several redskins e
will decide a few spot for the redskins' final roster. the nationals playing good defense. s toto hahaveve a a >>> allegations of misconduct, mismanaging andazing may lead the state department to fire a private security firm hired to protect the acan dawa afghanistan. ten c oretef th investigation aretuicf chrerehii show supervisors fromrmsh aor group north america subjecting nes grduao t a hazing andth inappropriate behaviors. the men in the pictures were not onyutt d a the time and they were not taken at the embassy. investigators say parties, at which the pictures were taken, have created a climate of fear an ciorcoerc armor group signed a million dollar contract in 2007 and that has been renewed every year. >> these decisions to renew that contract based on the information they lad at the time. they were satisfied that the contractor was providing adequate security for the embassy. >> the state department has sent investigators now to the embassy. >>> a high level intelligence official in afghanistan was among 23 people killed by a taliban suicide bomber today. that attack killed abdu
of the hottest tickets in town, but how the redskins sell their tickets opened them up to criticism. yesterday there were reports the team sold tickets to brokers rather than local fans. resulting in an abundance of rival fans in the stands. today there are reports the redskins filed lawsuits against premium season ticket holders who defaulted on their payments. chris gordon joins us to tell us about that. >> reporter: redskins' home games have been sellouts for so long, most fans forget local tv coverage can be blacked out if a team still has tickets available 72 hours before gametime. but the success the skins enjoy could be jeopardized by some season ticket holders who refuse to pay for or can no longer afford their seats. some say the washington redskins have the best fans in the league and point to the home game sellout streak that dates back to 1968. but in these tough economic times, some season ticket holders want to cut back on contracts that obligate them for ten years at thousands of dollars per season. bob kessler is a life-long redskin fan who spent years on the waiting list to ge
.a. county but some cities could still be in danger this morning. >>> the redskins are fighting a fire storm of controversy. we have the team's response for a report that could explain why it can be so tough to get tickets. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> we'll start you off way view of the capitol dome this morning. good morning d thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> the firefighters slowly but surely making progress against the big wildfire in southern california but still a long way to go. the blaze has already consumed 140,000 acres of land in the los angeles area, destroyed dozens of homes and buildings and forced thousands from their homes. it now could spread to nearby pasadena and its surrounding communities. the fire has burned nearly 219 square miles. that is more than three times the size of d.c. >> they don't think lightning sparked these. >> they are not sure at this point. they thought initially. now, they think it might be something else. >> accident or arson. here, we have nice temperatures again today. >>
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